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Valhalla SADF 2Ltr Water Bottle


A reliable South African-style military 2L water bottle with a screw top.

Introducing the Valhalla Tactical SADF 2L Water Bottle, the hydration companion for military missions and outdoor endeavors. Crafted from durable, heavy-duty plastic, this South African-style military water bottle comes equipped with a secure screw-top lid to prevent spills. Its innovative design features 4 lugs on the bottom of the unit for free-standing stability, ensuring reliability during tactical operations and various outdoor activities. Stay prepared and hydrated with the Valhalla SADF 2L Water Bottle – your dependable ally in challenging environments.


– Durable heavy-duty plastic
– 4 lugs on the bottom of the unit for free standing
– Capacity: 2L
– Colour: Olive

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