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SORD PRR Underwing


A discreet and functional solution for carrying the PRR/SPR.

This low-profile under the cummerbund pouch is designed for seamless integration into your gear setup.

Crafted with precision, the Underwing pouch features a tweave material that securely holds the radio in place, while the airmesh backing ensures comfort during extended wear. Additionally, the added foam provides essential standoff to the mounted PTT button, enhancing operational ease.

Strategically designed for accessibility, this pouch allows easy access to volume and channel knobs while accommodating convenient removal of the radio from either the top or bottom. Its versatile mounting capability enables placement on either the left or right-hand side as per your preference.

Perfectly suited for carriers featuring a Velcro Sandwich Cummerbund (Pile to front), the SORD PRR Underwing combines functionality and practicality in a sleek and low-profile design.

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