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Silva Ranger S MS


The Silva Ranger S showcases a DryFlex™ grip for effortless handling and houses a convenient use-anywhere declination scale within its capsule.

Equipped with a base plate featuring map-measuring scales in millimeters, along with 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scales, the Ranger S offers precise navigation capabilities.

Enhanced with 45-degree angle assistance on the mirror sighting function, this versatile compass is an essential tool for dedicated compass users.

Its soft and flexible lanyard allows easy placement directly onto your route on the map. The redesigned graphics feature a distinct arrow (Ranger) and modern font in green and black shades to blend seamlessly with outdoor gear.

For adventurers seeking a reliable yet functional compass, the Ranger proves to be an ideal choice. The integrated magnifier ensures clear visibility of every detail on the map.

When determining direction over long distances is paramount, opt for our Ranger S mirror sighting compass. The SILVA 1-2-3 System® enables more accurate directional readings without having to divert your gaze from the compass to the terrain.


-Attachment: Detachable safety-release scale lanyard
-Declination adjustment: Declination scale inside capsule
-Illumination: Luminous markings
-Scales: 1:25k, 1:50k, Lanyard; 1:25, / 1:50, mm, inch
-Weight: 58g

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