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Silva Compass 55-6400/360 MS MILS


The Silva 55-6400/360 MS Mils Compass replaces the NSN’d Silva 54/6400B Compass. As a result, it has superior accuracy and readability.

The Silva 55-6400 360 MS Mils Compass is a vital tool for anyone who wants precision and versatility in their outdoor missions. This advanced compass features an optical precision sighting system and a SILVA 1-2-3 SYSTEM compass in the same unit, providing unbeatable accuracy no matter where you are. In addition, the 55 compass allows you to take bearings with accuracy to within half a degree.

It also incorporates a luminous graduation ring and markings, which allow easy compass reading even in the dark. With its daylight flashlight activation, this compass will provide up to four hours of light. The included Slope card will help you calculate avalanche risk and determine how challenging your journey will be. Scale Lanyard consists of 2 scales (1:25, 1:50), soft, bendable and easy to place directly on to your route on the map.

Note: This is a Magnetic South – Southern Hemisphere compass.

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