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5.11 Vehicle Ready Hexgrid Seat


Make your vehicle the perfect command centre with 5.11 Vehicle Ready Hexgrid Seat Panel!

This multi-angle, load-bearing platform allows you to arrange accessories in easy reach while freeing up valuable real estate inside the car. The modular pouch management system offers a customizable storage solution that can be adapted on the go. Its full-loop face provides superior customization options so you can attach whatever you need to get the job done. With its multiple hook and loop and Gear Set attachments, it’s never been easier to organize your equipment with peace of mind that it won’t slip or move during transit.

Featuring a quick-release adjustable headrest strap and padded seat wedge that attaches securely to either the front or rear of the driver or passenger seat, this versatile seating solution can provide improved stability on any journey. The removable side straps make it easy to transfer from one vehicle to another, ensuring you can rest in comfort anywhere with ease. With a zippered mesh pouch, your seat can quickly be packed up and taken with you wherever you’re headed.


– Vehicle Ready seat panel with patented HEXGRID multi-angle load-bearing platform for pouch and accessory attachment
– Upper webbing loops for Gear Set attachment
– Loop face for Gear Set and hook-sided accessory attachment
– Adjustable headrest strap, removable side seat straps and quick-release padded seat wedge for secure attachment to the front or rear of the driver or passenger seat
– Removable hook and loop attachment mesh bag included

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