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In your first couple of weeks in the Army you would have signed a sheet of paper. This was another contract on top of your enlistment papers you signed. It would have been explained to you as them (the Army, but your CPLs specifically) now having greater powers over you. This is something to do with the DFDA. (Some will have greater experience with this than others.) This along with the crimes act 1914- section 79 official secrets, foreign incursions and recruitment (renamed to the less sexy criminal code act 1995 part 5.5) and others all combine in the ultimate Venn diagram to cover you for whatever actions you are thinking of taking and gives them hefty powers over you if you were to screw up.

Along with this you get yearly OPSEC briefs as pert of your mandatory training and now social media briefs etc. as well. On top of this OPSEC is a mantra that is repeated at all ranks and all corps.

(It can be funny, not funny ha-ha, to watch on TV non military types like politicians completely disregard OPSEC to little if any consequence when you know damn well you would be open to prosecution and a 7year custodial sentence for the same actions.) These powers extend to you off duty and for a period of time when you transition out, as well as when you do chocco time.

So having said all of that, it’s mind boggling to see the poor personal SOPs some people have in regards to protecting themselves. (And by default, larger organisations they may be involved in through better security.)

They’re looking for you champ

 Besides other domestic and international agencies, if you don’t think that from AHQ down to even sub unit 2 shops that people don’t take an interest in online behaviour, you are mistaken and need to re-think your online presence.

They’re still getting on to it

We (BD) are not being a company man and banging the drum for them, but we are giving you some basic advice. You of course are entitled to have a profile with your own info and behaving yourself, go your hardest, but if you’re slagging off your boss or The Boss then at least change your ID.

The last thing we want is well meaning diggers who got a bit over exuberant in the proverbial, which is why we have a policy of no name and shame and if a post is sent in by a ”friend” of you doing something dumb and you want it taken down, just ask. A couple of issues arose last year and we’ve had comms from digs through to RSMs and are happy to oblige with reasonable requests. But if you’re saying some wild shit online, it can and will be used against you. Even if you delete it, screen shots can turn up later. Prejudicial conduct charges were levelled at people from online use back in the day when the Army didn’t even know what FB was.

So the overall message is to think about your online presence and if you’re going to persist in being a peacock and flying online, take care.


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